Floor to ceiling wardrobes

Some lovely flush wardrobes we have just completed for a new client. Having just moved into the area, they put there trust in us to make them some floor to ceiling wardrobes similar to what they had before 

We was able to get as much storage as possible by going floor to ceiling, even using a small 80mm legs. They wanting shelving high up for bedding and non everyday items as well as lots of handing for clothes. We also made a dressing area with 3 draws in which can be hidden away.

The client wanted us to match up to the bed side tables they had brought up from there old house which we was able to do even down to the handles. they had this to say after we was all finished. 

“You know how thrilled I am, it is all perfect, quality work, fabulous finish inside and out.  I just need to crack on today and put everything in its place.  The room feels more like home now, such a good collaboration and incredible workmanship from yourselves.  A million thank yous.

You, Dan and Bruce were an incredible team, not sure how you all managed to get through the installation with it being so very very hot.  Thank you all, and your team at the workshop, the paint job is great too.”